Should I buy a big or small unit in Normanton Park?

Buying a big apartment or a small apartment has many pros and cons. This article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of both types of apartments.

Why Big?

A big apartment has a large space and many rooms and areas. This is particularly useful if you have a big family, or are planning to hold parties in your home.

Why Small?

A small apartment, on the other hand, gives you enough space for a young couple who are just starting out. However, as the years go by and your family grows bigger, you will need a bigger space where everyone can be comfortable.

How to Choose Between Them?

If you’re single right now but plan on getting married in the future, it would be ideal to buy a small apartment where your spouse can feel at home; however if you have children already then I suggest that you get a big one so your kids won’t feel cramped.

If you like to entertain, a big apartment is the way to go; if you’re not much of a party person then you should get a small house.

You also have to consider the distance of your work and where your nearest grocery store is. If you have a big apartment, then it will be ideal for you if you have to travel a little bit from your workplace to your home. On the other hand, a small apartment will be best if you live in an area where everything is near.

So which is better?

In conclusion, it all depends on what lifestyle you are looking for in the future. Whatever suits you better, whether big or small, just make sure that it’s within your budget and that it’s in a location that fits with what you want.

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